Research has found that in most states, LED Accent Lights are legal to have on while riding.

Reported conversations with police, state troopers, and other law enforcement officers on this issue indicates that they think that it is a better advantage to see a motorcyclist at night with the accent lights on than to respond to an accident because the other driver didn’t see them.  If the state law provides the use of accent lighting use it, as it does add safety of being more visible while riding at night.

Here are some FACTS about the LAW in most states of use of lighting.

Most, if not all states list in the transportation code, use of lighting of motor vehicles, that you cannot have RED, WHITE, or BLUE with flashing, rotating, or strobing lights.  These are emergency colors.  Also, some states like Florida you can NOT have continuous Blue or RED lights displayed on the motor vehicle while riding or driving on the road ways. Some states just mention the use of continuous blue lights, some other states also have this law as well, so read what YOUR state laws are regarding lighting of motor vehicles.

In almost all states, red cannot be placed on the front and center of the motor vehicle.  The light cannot produce a beam with a intensity brighter than 300 candle power and that no part of the high-intensity beam strikes a portion of the roadway at a distance of 75 feet from the vehicle.

Print out a copy of your states laws and have a copy with you should you ever get pulled over for your accent lighting and show the officer that you are according to the law abiding by it. But most important, your attitude with the officer is a big thing, so be very nice about it. In MOST CASES he will let you go and have no reason to write you a ticket for your accent lighting as long as you are abiding by the state law.

Providing you comply with your states law for lighting of motor vehicles there should be no reason to receive a ticket for your LED Accent Lighting.

Most states only mention of Neon Accent Lighting, not LED’s. Unless there is a mention of LED Accent Lighting or for ground effects then you have legal right to have them on.

Read what the laws are in your state. Get educated on this issue.

The court system cannot nor will not charge you with the LED Accent Lighting of your motorcycle as I had stated before unless you had Red, White, or Blue strobing, flashing, or rotating lights on it, or if it doesn’t specifically state the type of accent lighting then you should be home free.

One example would be; in Virginia it states that you cannot have neon ground effects, but if you had LED ground effects and the law doesn’t specify LED (light emitting diode) ground effects then how can they stick you with a ticket? Get my point? But, if the law plainly states any accent light effect, then you may lose your battle.  Some cases if you have neon light accent tubes where it is illegal you may get stuck with the ticket, so read what the law states very carefully. If it doesn’t mention neon or LED light effects then it is legal to have them on.

Remember, laws are written in black and white. If something isn’t mentioned in the states statutes then it is legal to do what isn’t stated otherwise, right? Then it is not illegal until they pass a law stating exactly what it pertains to, like neon or LED Accent Lighting.

There have been some cases that some motorcyclist have been pulled over using Red, White, or Blue Neon Spark Plug Wires and have gotten tickets for them because of the flashing, or strobing light.  This is not to discourage anyone from purchasing Neon Red, White, or Blue Spark Plug Wires, but it is YOUR DECISION to purchase them.

The motorcyclist needs to be aware of what some of the laws are and possibilities of getting pulled over.

The motorcyclist in some cases have to pay the ticket anyway due to the strobing or flashing light as stated in the law by the state.

It is just a sad thought that there are police officers out there to targeting motorcyclists in some form because of the flashing of the Red, White, or Blue Spark Plug Wires they get away with writing a ticket for it because of some laws pertaining to the lighting effect of them.

We know that most motorcyclists are not intentional attempting to portray an emergency vehicle. We as motorcyclists just want ANY and ALL MOTORISTS to see us at ALL TIMES and will use ANY means possible so the other motorists can see us on the road ways, and at night especially, to prevent an accident, especially not to rear end us or broadside us!

Some cases officers have claimed they know the law and will give you wrong information on the use of lighting, in some cases only a very small number can actually know every bit of information on the law. Those that usually know every bit of the law usually are Judges in some cases if not all.

Next time you get the chance, ask a law enforcement officer what the law is on accent lighting of motorcycles or motor vehicles, they will, in most cases tell you the wrong information or they may reply with I am not sure.

Check with your State Statutes, Transportation Code, Lighting of Motor Vehicles, Restrictions on use of Lighting. You will get all your answers there on the use of lighting for any motor vehicles and be well informed of what the law actually is.