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Everything You Need to Know About ATV Insurance

Four-wheelers, ATVs, UTVs, side-by-sides and more are so much fun! Some are used for work purposes such as around the farm or hunting, but many are used purely as a recreational vehicle for weekend fun! Regardless of how you use your ATV, you may want to consider an ATV insurance policy. We answer the most […]

5 Most Common Boating Claims & Insurance to Cover Them

Ah, boating. Whether you enjoy taking your boat out for a ride, waterskiing or fishing, boats bring joy and relaxation. Like any vehicle, there comes risks with operating a boat and understanding your insurance coverage is crucial. While having a conversation with your local insurance agent can clarify any of your questions, we’ll share the […]

Slider Crimes

SLIDER CRIMES: Pumping gas is an everyday occurrence, millions of people do it. Imagine you’re pumping gas into your vehicle, you finish and grab your receipt, you slide back into the driver’s seat only to find out your purse/wallet, cell phone and other valuables are gone: you left the doors unlocked while pumping gas. Slider […]