Items to Consider When Finding Your Dream Motorcycle

Items to Consider When Shopping for Your Dream Bike

Motorcycle Fitment

Items to Consider When Finding Your Dream MotorcycleSo your pants are a 32” Waist; 36” Length; size 10 shoes, Gloves are an XL. With this information you can reasonably order clothing off the internet and expect it to fit. Shopping for a motorcycle that fits is not as simple. You go to the local Motorcycle dealership and buy for considerable sums of money a machine because it is pretty; caught your eye; you could not live another minute without it bike of your dreams. Motorcycles are not sized for Small, Medium, or Large. This is not a one size fits all purchase. Obviously if your inseam is 29” rather than 36” you may need to take this into consideration.

Your motorcycle needs to fit you. You need to be able to maneuver the bike comfortably and confidently. Make sure your Brake and Clutch controls are properly adjusted to the size of your hand. You need to be able to grasp them comfortably. Having your clutch adjusted correctly will make your maneuvering go so much more smoothly.

Before lowering your bike and changing the suspension it was manufactured with, look at lowering your seat height to get your feet on the ground. Having your feet firmly on the ground gives you a level of confidence on hills, gravel roads, or other questionable surfaces. Seat height adjustment can be approached in different ways. For Instance replacing the stock saddle you already own; or remodeling the stock seat (contouring the existing seat pad material, or having the seat pan re-upholstered to fit you) to allow a lower seat height. Your new motorcycle may have adjustment s that can be made to lower your center of gravity and keep you stable during difficult maneuvers.

Some items to take into consideration when shopping for the bike of your dreams are:

While sitting on the bike reach for the handle bars. This should not be a reach but a comfortable extension of your arm that allows your wrist to stay straight and the elbow slightly bent.

Your Knees should not be “up in the handle bars”.

Moving your feet to your brake and shift levers should be a comfortable transition and not require stretching out to reach them. If the reach is too extreme it will inhibit your reaction time to an emergency and fatigue you on long rides.

A great tool for sizing up a motorcycle is . Here you can enter your height, inseam, make and model of motorcycle you are considering. This will give you an idea of how the bike will fit you. If the fit is close to what you want you should not rule out a model until you have tried it in person. Your weight is also a factor in how the cycle will fit and cycle-ergo does not take this into consideration. Enter some bikes you are familiar with to get a feel for how the site works then enter your newly desired model.

If you are in love with a particular bike don’t rule out customizations such as bar risers, custom seats, different size grips, extension kits for forward controls, or the endless number of handlebar types. Fitment is not about making your ride pretty but more about comfort, and safety. Pretty however can be a nice side effect.

Should you take the plunge into a new bike purchase and customize it to your needs don’t forget to notify your insurance agent. We will need to know not only about the new ride but also about all of the cool upgrades.

RV Insurance in Florida from Leslie Kay's Inc.

Motorcycling and RVing with a Toy Hauler and Kids

RV Insurance in Florida from Leslie Kay's Inc. Taking the road trip of a lifetime and having all the comforts of home.  Many of our summers are spent on the road with the entire family. Welcome to the world of owning a Toy Hauler. Most 5 year olds have been to Disney World and a number of local amusement parks many times. They can quote all the princesses and cartoon characters you can imagine. Our 5 year olds have been to Laconia 4 times, and can tell you most of the major bike rallies across the country. They can name off the states between here and New Hampshire in order, and the state bird, and flower of many of those same states. The summer they were 4 years old, we traversed 17 states with them and Grandma in our truck pulling our home on wheels with our pair of 2003 Ultra Classics. We stayed in campgrounds, visiting family and friends along the way. David and I rode our bikes in countless places, and the kids spent an amazing summer with us, their Grandmother, and met family members from all over. We were able to work on the road from an internet connection, maintain our business, and have an experience that is simply irreplaceable. The life experience for the kids will stay with them forever. Whether it is an epic summer like this, or weekend getaways as a couple or family a toy hauler can be an amazing addition to your recreational adventures.

The comforts of home are sorely missed when you are away for a long period of time. There is a cost of ownership but this can be easily justified when you are no longer hauling all of your stuff in and out of overpriced Hotel rooms every night. A process that takes up time that could be spent covering additional miles not to mention the price tag, bed bugs and who knows what else. We have small children as well, and leaving them home is just not an option. So either we wait until they are older, or we improvise.  We prefer to improvise whenever we get the chance. Campgrounds have playgrounds, swimming pools, and weekend activities. We have been on hayrides, played lots of games, gone swimming, had cookouts, and made friends in many places. We get up in the morning have a hot breakfast, map our day, and hit the road. The GPS has found countless roadside attractions that personify the American Spirit. We have seen many memorials to our veterans, and visited lots of small unique businesses and seen many Historical places.

If you are looking for a Toy Hauler there are some things to consider:

  • Size of the trailer you will purchase.
  • Do you have any experience towing a trailer?
  • How far will you travel, and how much time will you spend in your trailer as living quarters?
  • What is the maximum towing capacity of your current vehicle? While our truck was sufficient for the job we did add Air Bags to the suspension and a larger fuel tank.
  • Will you need a larger vehicle to accommodate your dream trailer?
  • Will the trailer accommodate your Motorcycle or Motorcycles? We use Condor brand wheel chalks to assist securing our bikes due to the ease of removal. Our garage becomes the extra bedroom when we are camped. 
  • How will you get around campgrounds? You may need to consider room for a bicycle or bicycles based on how many of you will be traveling.
  • Where will you store the unit while home? This may affect your overall budget if you must pay for storage.
  • Boondock camping (no fancy water or electrical hookups available) also known as dry camping will require ample water Storage Tanks, Blackwater & Grey Waste Water Tanks, as well as a Generator for power. Unless you don’t mind using an outhouse, a public shower, and a gas stove.  This will mean you skip air conditioning.  Heat is typically Propane.   Some conveniences are optional.
  • Storage is a big factor. Based on how long you will be on the road you may want to take along extra food and gear.  Gear is heavy, and needs to be considered in the overall weight you will be towing.

Be sure your RV insurance policy is a policy suited for your specific vehicle. Putting an RV onto your automobile insurance policy will not provide you proper coverage. Your contents need to be covered just like the contents of your brick and mortar home. You will need specialized roadside assistance, and you will want to have proper liability. Your RV will become your vacation home. If you entertain friends and they are injured you will need to have liability coverage.  Should you decide to become a full timer, and live in your RV as a primary residence you will need a specialized policy. Progressive offers a Full Timer’s Package that will cover the contents of your storage shed, Full Timer’s Personal Liability, Medical Payments Coverage, and Loss Assessment Coverage. Should you plan to conduct business from your RV be sure you inform your insurance agent or company. You do not want to find out that your policy does not cover you for business use after a loss.

Happy Trails … If you have an interesting RV story to share email it to, you could find your story on our blog at

What to store in a home safe in Boynton Beach, FL

Owning a Home Safe & What to Store in It

What to store in a home safe in Boynton Beach, FLIf you don’t own a home safe, it might be time to make the purchase. Not only can they help with theft of valuables or family heirlooms, but they can also protect special documents. A home safe is priceless when the unexpected occurs. Documents and valuables can be kept out of harm should you ever experience a home fire or burglary. These reasons alone should be a good motive to invest in a home safe.

Where to place your home safe

When shopping for a home safe, make sure it’s heavy enough so a burglar couldn’t walk away with it. If you can, bolt it to the floor or install it into a wall. An additional thought is to store it in a unique place in your home unless you’re using it daily such as in an office. You don’t want to simply not use it because it isn’t convenient. Some additional things to consider is the size of the safe. Safes that are heavy and require a hand truck to move should be placed on the ground floor. Safes that can be moved with a couple of people are okay to have on the second floor. If your main concern is fire, you should try to place your safe on a cement slab.

Twelve items to store in your home safe

  • Passports, original birth certificates, marriage/divorce papers, social security cards
  • Cash
  • Wills or other important legal documents
  • Valuable watches or jewelry
  • SD cards, important computer back up discs or other electronics that are important, but you may not use on a weekly basis
  • Annual tax returns
  • Small firearms
  • Spare car keys and titles to all vehicles
  • Important papers regarding bank accounts, retirement or other investments

Investing in a safe today could prevent an unfortunate headache in the future. While owning a safe is important, having the right home insurance policy is just as valuable. For all insurance questions, call the insurance agents at Leslie Kay’s Insurance. We have years of experience and will help you find the best coverage for your needs.