Car Insurance in Boynton Beach, FL

Understanding Auto Insurance Premium Increases

Car Insurance in Boynton Beach, FLMany of you may have noticed that the auto insurance industry seems to be continually increasing premiums. While Leslie Kay’s Insurance represents many of the top insurance companies in the country and we can quote you with several companies, the trend for premiums is up. There are many reasons why this is happening and it is important for you to understand.

  • There are more new cars on the market that are expensive to repair.
  • The technology in vehicles today is much more expensive to replace than it used to be.
  • More people are driving. In 2015, miles driven increased 3.5% which is the most annual increase in 25 years.
  • Drivers are increasingly distracted. One out of four car crashes involve cell phone use.
  • Medical payments are increasing due to the complexity of the health insurance industry.
  • Claims severity (payments) overall is increasing.

Is there anything that you can do to control your costs?

Yes, contact us so we can shop for you!

Unfortunately insurance premiums are pooled. The premiums are calculated off of risks and data from other drivers just like you. Age, gender, zip code, vehicle driven and driving history are just some of the factors that determine your premium. Here are some things you can do to ensure you’re getting the best rates.

  • Review your coverage and determine if it is the correct coverage for your current situation
  • Review discounts you may be eligible for with your current carrier
  • If it isn’t already, consider bundling your insurance coverage (home, auto, specialty insurance)

If you have specific questions about your auto insurance coverage, remember to reach out to our agency. As an independent insurance agent, we can review your coverage and ensure you’re current carrier is still the best carrier for your situation.

Leslie Kay’s Insurance has been providing customers in the 48 contiguous states the best service and coverage for all their insurance needs since 2000. We work hard to find you the right insurance company for your specific needs. Because we are an independent insurance agent we can shop for a great rate on motorcycleautohome or RV through multiple carriers. Checkout our insurance website 24/7 or request a quote and an agent will call you back!

How to Prevent Car Theft in Florida

5 Simple Tips to Avoid Having Your Vehicle Stolen

How to Prevent Car Theft in Florida According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a vehicle is stolen every 44 seconds in the United States. Having your vehicle stolen is not only a huge inconvenience, but it is also frightening and violating experience that can sometimes be avoided by taking certain precautions.

5 Tips to Avoid Your Car from Being Stolen:

  • At nighttime, always park your vehicle in well-lit areas. Thieves thrive in dark places where they can easily be hidden.
  • Keep the inside of your car clean and avoid leaving valuables exposed. Use your trunk if you are transporting valuables.
  • Always lock your car door and windows. The most basic tip of them all. Many people feel comfortable leaving their car unlocked while it’s parked at their home or other safe areas. Get in the habit of always locking your car to avoid any unexpected surprises.
  • Keep your spare key in your home, not under your car. Thieves tend to check for spare keys in common areas like under the car.
  • Invest in an alarm system or anti-theft device. The simplest form of protection is an anti-theft device like an alarm or a wheel locking device such as “The Club.”

While these tips can’t guarantee your car will never be stolen, protecting your assets in the event of a car theft can be as simple as having the right insurance policy. Investing in comprehensive coverage will cover the loss of car theft. Contact your licensed insurance agent at Leslie Kay’s Insurance to make sure you have this coverage is on your insurance policy.

Leslie Kay’s Insurance has been providing customers in the 48 contiguous states the best service and coverage for all their insurance needs since 2000. They work hard to find you the right insurance company for your specific needs. Because they’re an independent insurance agent they can shop for a great rate on motorcycle, auto, home or RV through multiple carriers. Checkout their insurance website 24/7 or request a quote and an agent will call you back!

Items to Consider When Finding Your Dream Motorcycle

Items to Consider When Shopping for Your Dream Bike

Motorcycle Fitment

Items to Consider When Finding Your Dream MotorcycleSo your pants are a 32” Waist; 36” Length; size 10 shoes, Gloves are an XL. With this information you can reasonably order clothing off the internet and expect it to fit. Shopping for a motorcycle that fits is not as simple. You go to the local Motorcycle dealership and buy for considerable sums of money a machine because it is pretty; caught your eye; you could not live another minute without it bike of your dreams. Motorcycles are not sized for Small, Medium, or Large. This is not a one size fits all purchase. Obviously if your inseam is 29” rather than 36” you may need to take this into consideration.

Your motorcycle needs to fit you. You need to be able to maneuver the bike comfortably and confidently. Make sure your Brake and Clutch controls are properly adjusted to the size of your hand. You need to be able to grasp them comfortably. Having your clutch adjusted correctly will make your maneuvering go so much more smoothly.

Before lowering your bike and changing the suspension it was manufactured with, look at lowering your seat height to get your feet on the ground. Having your feet firmly on the ground gives you a level of confidence on hills, gravel roads, or other questionable surfaces. Seat height adjustment can be approached in different ways. For Instance replacing the stock saddle you already own; or remodeling the stock seat (contouring the existing seat pad material, or having the seat pan re-upholstered to fit you) to allow a lower seat height. Your new motorcycle may have adjustment s that can be made to lower your center of gravity and keep you stable during difficult maneuvers.

Some items to take into consideration when shopping for the bike of your dreams are:

While sitting on the bike reach for the handle bars. This should not be a reach but a comfortable extension of your arm that allows your wrist to stay straight and the elbow slightly bent.

Your Knees should not be “up in the handle bars”.

Moving your feet to your brake and shift levers should be a comfortable transition and not require stretching out to reach them. If the reach is too extreme it will inhibit your reaction time to an emergency and fatigue you on long rides.

A great tool for sizing up a motorcycle is . Here you can enter your height, inseam, make and model of motorcycle you are considering. This will give you an idea of how the bike will fit you. If the fit is close to what you want you should not rule out a model until you have tried it in person. Your weight is also a factor in how the cycle will fit and cycle-ergo does not take this into consideration. Enter some bikes you are familiar with to get a feel for how the site works then enter your newly desired model.

If you are in love with a particular bike don’t rule out customizations such as bar risers, custom seats, different size grips, extension kits for forward controls, or the endless number of handlebar types. Fitment is not about making your ride pretty but more about comfort, and safety. Pretty however can be a nice side effect.

Should you take the plunge into a new bike purchase and customize it to your needs don’t forget to notify your insurance agent. We will need to know not only about the new ride but also about all of the cool upgrades.