Slider Crimes

Slider CrimesSLIDER CRIMES: Pumping gas is an everyday occurrence, millions of people do it. Imagine you’re pumping gas into your vehicle, you finish and grab your receipt, you slide back into the driver’s seat only to find out your purse/wallet, cell phone and other valuables are gone: you left the doors unlocked while pumping gas.

Slider Crimes are when a motorist gets out of their vehicle and leaves a door unlocked. This allows a slider to enter the vehicle; generally these crimes take place at gas stations. Occasionally the thief will actually steal the vehicle, but more often than not they will grab belongings from the car, then exit and jump into a get-away car to leave the scene. Lock your vehicle when pumping gas, loading groceries, anytime your attention may be elsewhere.

Don’t allow yourself to be a slider victim.

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